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What we are working on now

Women all over the world ESPECIALLY in Sub Saharan Africa are dying needlessly while trying to give birth. Our field officers, partners and other sources are reporting some depressing occurrences – Umbilical cords being cut with table knives; delivery tools that have NEVER been sterilized; shortage of gloves causing the usage of the same glove to touch multiple bleeding women; drinking VERY dirty water; women enduring motorcycle rides in the bushes to get medical help—in labor; Antibiotics in short supply we could go on and on.

In this true story of Mamma Sessay (Sierra Leone) published by TIME magazine (see below for the actual footage on her story of “Dying to give birth” from TIME Magazine-NOTE: Pictures/Videos could be considered graphic), Mamma Sessay, after contractions ceased in her delivery effort, she traveled by canoe to the nearest hospital. After almost 24 hrs…yes 24 hrs of labor, she finally gave birth…under conditions most people in the western world can’t fathom. An hour after delivery, she is still bleeding and her blood pressure drops dangerously low. She is carried on a stretcher to see the only doctor in the district. It takes 30 minutes for the doctor to get to her. Mamma Sessay is dead at 18, with 3 children. This is the story of countless…untold African women who did not need to die but did, and continue to die because the “system” doesn’t have the basic amenities to keep her alive.


According to this report (click here for full report) by W.H.O, UNICEF, UNFPA and The World Bank, “Of the estimated total of 358 000 maternal deaths worldwide, developing countries accounted for 99% (355 000) (Table 2). Nearly three fifths of the maternal deaths (204 000) occurred in the sub-Saharan Africa region alone…” “By country (Annex 1), India had the largest number of maternal deaths (63 000), followed by Nigeria (50 000)…”

According to this report (click here) on, hemorrhage is the leading cause of maternal death, causing about 34% of deaths. Hypertension and Sepsis/Infection follow at about 18% and 8% respectively.

1) Midwife training program : we will be launching a Midwife training program that will train Midwives IN local communities that will be more accessible to the villages and communities to immediately alleviate maternity death (Up to 15 villages/communities are already eager to work with us to help them)

2) Community Education Programs: We will aggressively educate the local women on better techniques, dangers of past methods, importance of sanitation and overall health of mother and child during pregnancy.

3) Establish blood banks: where possible and necessary resources like electricity are available we will develop a blood bank to help tackle Hemorrhage as the number one cause of Maternal Mortality

4) Lab Assistants: In a continued effort with (2) above, we aim to train a lab assistant to manage the blood bank(s)

-Donate!!!!!! No woman should have to die needlessly on our watch! JOIN US (remember we are a 501c3 tax deductible organization)

-Get creative!!! – BIRTHDAY FOR A CAUSE – Here is how it works:

So you have a birthday coming up, let it be for a cause! Contact us, and we will put a donation button on our webpage for you. AS a gift to you, your friends will be able to go to that page, and donate to your “Birthday for a cause” so let’s say your name is “FirstName LastName”, your friends will come to the DONATION page on our website, and click on the DONATE button that says “FirstName LastName’s Birthday for a cause” . We will open that for a certain time frame at the end of which you will be able to see how much people donated BECAUSE OF YOU. You will be able to see how you were able to lead your friends and family to change the world.

If you put aside $1.25 for every $10 you spend on “stuff”, per week, even a low budget college student could donate $5 a month….how much more working professionals who could easily donate much more.

If 500 of us donated $5 per month, it would total $30,000 at the end of the year. That WILL put a dent in poverty so what are we waiting for in this generation??? Can we afford to wait any longer???


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