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Kunle Falae

My name is Kunle Falae born and bred in Lagos, Nigeria. My background gives me a profound understanding of the suffering & voiceless demographic. I know in part what they are going through as a people. With this, I feel a sense of obligation to help. I strongly encourage every capable persons, groups, or organizations to take action. My role with Barnabian’s Cove is to effectively implement and drive initiatives through strategic thinking and action. This is what motivates me…knowing it CAN & SHOULD be done.

Karen Guevara

My name is Karen Guevara. My parents are from El Salvador..a country that has suffered through a violent civil war for over a decade. I remember visiting El Salvador as a kid and witnessing the poverty and misfortune and asking myself “How can I help?…what can Ido?”. I’ve always wanted to do something but I really kicked myself when I sat down andthought about how I spend money. In the course of a month I spend at least $15 on coffee, $20 on Bottled water, $10 on Gum, $5 on Cookies, $50 on Manicures… 30,000 children will die today due to poverty related issues. THE TIME TO HELP IS NOW!

Moji Badru

My name is Mojisola but most people call me Moji. I live in Texas but I was born and raised in Nigeria. I feel so sad when I look at MY people and think of how they are dying because people like me have not decided to do something. What compels me to do something is that I really have no excuse! When I look at my spending habits…on my hair, eating out, outfits and all that stuff, It would be a shame if I didnt do anything KNOWING that millions will go to be basically starving tonight…possibly to be stolen by death during the night.

Tasia S. Real

What do YOU spend $4.00 on? Many of us spend it on things that serve us no purpose or buy things that we can really live without. My name is Tasia Sade Real and I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. It wasn’t always easy growing up but I dont remember ever going to sleep without a meal or the freedom of drinking a cup of clean water. It feels so wrong to know that there are millions of children that experience this unimaginable feeling of starvation and the effects of living in poverty. The things I spend money on daily and monthly are insignificant compared to what my dollar can do for these poor children all over the world.$4.00 can provide so much for people in life and death battles with hunger. What is your $4.00 going to?!!!! I’m doing SOMETHING. NOT MUCH…BUT SOMETHING!….AND SO SHOULD YOU.

Abimbola Fayomi

My name is Abimbola but most people call me Abby. I live in Philadelphia, PA but I was born in Nigeria and raised in five countries. A lot of us living in the developed countries take many things for granted that some people in less-privileged countries never get to have; A warm meal every day, a variety of clothes, and even something so simple as drinking water. If we can spend money on entertainment, comfort, and the luxuries of life, I don’t see why we can’t spend at least $4 on a child, knowing that we are making a difference in someone’s life.

Juan Carlos Moscoso

The things we take for granted! What is “essential” to our lives? What are “wants” and what are “needs”? My name is Juan Carlos Moscoso and I believe we all have to ask ourselves these questions. Our fellow human beings are dying because they don’t have access to the things that are essential to survival….things that many of us have in abundance and take for granted. How do you want to be remembered? I want to be remembered as having a heart that reached out to those in need…as a person that put hope in the hearts of many and helped lift them out of abject poverty. So should you.

Adeola Oke

Growing up in Africa gave me an opportunity to see how wide the gap between the “have’s” and “have not’s” was. It was very disheartening to see that children didn’t have the basic necessities of life! Clean water, food, shelter, sanitation. The world is blessed with too much for us to have this many people starve like this. As a citizen of the world, I have pledged to advocate for those that do not have. It may not be much, but Im starting with something and Im doing it NOW. So should you.

Jayraj Sindha

My name is Jayraj Sindha but most people call me Jay. My folks are originally from India but I grew up in Kenya. I’ve seen it all. Poverty so strong that people don’t have the energy to get up in the morning to try again, children die because they are malnourished, Mothers that don’t have enough nutrients to properly produce breast milk. Its time I started doingsomething about that. Its time I started being part of the solution. Its time I started doing something bigger than myself. The question to you is: When you do a mental check of how you have spent money over the last 30 days, will you be able to find a little money you could have given to end poverty? Will you be able to find a reason to lift up our fellow humans out of their desperate plight? I did.

Andre Walker

I can’t imagine growing up without clean water, or not having shoes, or having only one small meal a day…or all the horrible things that the extremely poor go through. It’s so easy to get caught up in getting what you want when you want it but it is vital that we take some time out, and find out how we can help fellow humans get what they need to survive. People can’t be dying at this rate and we do nothing. We have an obligation to the world…to future generations. We can end poverty and the time to do it is right now. I may not be able to do much but that doesn’t mean I won’t do anything.

Demelza Lawrence

LUXURIES. It’s not hard to look around and see them. Hi, my name is Demelza Lawrence and it turns out that most of our spending consists of just that, Luxuries. Compared to the life that children in extreme poverty live, it’s a clear and huge distinction. So I thought about it, thought about the needs of others for a change. The amazing thing here is that very little goes a long long way! Nobody should lack access to clean water, but millions of children do, and many die because of that. Now it’s time for me to make a difference, and you can too! Won’t you help make a difference in the life of a child? Make a donation to support the cause. It’s time to end poverty. Its time to start saving lives.

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