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Our Process

This is stuff we smile about. This process is why we are so confident in our ability to have sustainable impact that treats problems from the root cause, and empower the people to help themselves. This 5 step process is tied into the very fiber of our vision.

The process really seeks to understand the issues faced by a local community; understand the
implications, and develop sustainable solutions:

  • Problem Definition
  • Context Definition
  • Planning/solution design
  • Implementation
  • Impact Assessment

We employ the Participatory Rural Appraisal Approach. That’s just a fancy way of saying that instead of assuming that WE have the solutions, we involve the locals.

The intervention process will follow the following steps:

Problem Definition:

In a community driven project, the people who know their problems better than outsiders will take the lead in identifying their problems, causal factors and effects on the wellbeing of the people and the segment of the population affected. This will be achieved using a Participatory Development Approach. An approach where we design solutions based on the needs of the people. Like the proverb says: “The person who wears the shoe knows where it pinches”.

Context Definition:

Depending on the scale of the problem or population coverage, a detailed Participatory Baseline Assessment will be conducted to understand the physical, cultural and socio economic context of the problem. This will provide information on population size, culture and local political economy, stakeholder groups and their interests, nature and severity of the problem and those affected. The history of the problem and any previous attempt at mitigation will also emerge. This knowledge will help to identify the severity of the problem, its nature, people affected, attitudes to the problem and stakeholders in the community.

Planning/solution design:

This will be done in cooperation with the local community to tailor the course of action to the specific issue of priority to the people. Once we understand the issues at hand, we then itemize and prioritize the components/elements of the course of action. A unique and tested process for achieving this has been developed by BC. It follows a participatory strategic planning process that answers the following:

  • What are the key components/elements of the proposed solution?
  • What is the sequence and time frame (create timelines milestones) for implementing each component/element?
  • Who will implement each element? ( use as much as local technical capacity as possible)
  • What resources are needed for each element ?(include as much local materials and funds as possible)
  • Where can the resources needed be found and be secured? Share the burden with local people – they can contribute in cash, labor and kind – this makes them shareholders in the project and ensures commitment on their part.
  • How will services will be delivered, and by who, when the project begins?
  • Who will be on the Project Team that has the responsibility of implementing the solution
  • Who will be on the Project Management Committee (composed of Project Staff and community members who have some expertise or who are trusted by majority of the people, whose duty will be to oversee the execution of the project.)

Incorporated in the planning process are three (3) elements designed to make the interventions effective:

  • It is measurable (timelines and milestones)
  • Involves the local participation (resources and expertise) in the entire process from problem identification to Impact assessment.
  • An exit strategy that puts the solution into the hands of the locals to and enable them to sustain and maintain the solution themselves.


After the planning is completed, the community will be briefed in detail and the extent of the impact of the solution explained. The Project Team will then allocate resources to different tasks until the project is completed.

The Project Management Committee will monitor project implementation of the project.

Impact Assessment:

After a pre-determined period, an Impact assessment of the project is conducted to ensure that the solution is achieving the goals that were set. This will also be an opportunity for Barnabian’s Cove to gather valuable information that will be useful for projects in the future.

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