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1) This website is VERY secure. We have gone through significant effort to ensure that your personal information is protected as you make donations. See the red triangle in the lower right corner. (There are many more security features behind the scene as well)

2) The reason we encourage recurring donations is that it helps us plan ahead and begin projects as soon as we identify needs. When we are confident that your support is there, we can act quickly and confidently to save lives.

3) You can end your recurring donations anytime. Just contact us at and we will help you through that process

Nothing wrong with coffee, magazines, a new hairdo, pretty nails, dry cleaning, valet parking, movies, eating out, happy hour or hobbies. HOWEVER, its important to always think about fellow humans in extreme poverty. If you put aside $1.25 for every $10 you spend on “stuff”, per week, even a low budget college student could donate $5 a month….how much more working professionals who could easily donate much more. If 500 of us donated $5 per month, it would total $30,000 at the end of the year. That WILL put a dent in poverty so what are we waiting for in this generation??? Can we afford to wait any longer???Take the challenge. Don’t just FEEL…DO.

Thanks again! Extreme poverty is in trouble!

We think it’s great that you want to join in the effort to eliminate world poverty. We hope that this desire doesn’t die as soon as you go to sleep tonight because the diseases and starvation and plight that kill many will not go to sleep. It will be up all night diligently killing 26000 or more children every day if we don’t stop it…countless women will die needlessly in Maternity related deaths if we don’t act. So we challenge you to set up an automatic recurring donation (which you will be able to edit and change anytime).

Go ahead. Make poverty history.

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