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Program Objectives

Barnabian High Program Objectives

Program Objectives:

1. To introduce the student to the lifestyle of people who are living in poverty all over the world

2. To educate the students on the efforts, successes and challenges of the elimination extreme poverty

3. To educate the students on the United Nations Millennium Development Goals

4. To provide students with an opportunity to design and participate in projects that eliminate extreme poverty

5. To provide the students with avenues to seek out information on international poverty issues

6. To serve as an aid to the educational system by providing avenues for students to develop personal value systems of respect for others, community involvement, positive legacies and less wastage

Program Outcomes:

At the end of the program, the student will:

1. Participate in the selection, design and implementation of a project that reduces the effect of extreme poverty in the selected community

2. Develop team skills by accomplishing “outcome 1” above, in a team environment.

3.Write an essay about the experience and what it meant to him/her. The essay enters a contest and the winner will be interviewed for an opportunity to be nationally recognized

Barnabian’s Cove Support:

1. Barnabian’s Cove will match fundraising efforts by the students (up to $250)

2. Barnabian’s Cove will provide all capacity building information and implementation support

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