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What if 30 years ago, teenagers learnt about how water usage and wastage in one part of the world may impact the other? What if they developed habits that encouraged “turning off the light when you’re not using it” what if they learnt about the value of being a positive impact in the community?

What kind of leaders would we have today? What kind of communities would we live in today?

We have a responsibility to our teenagers. A responsibility to teach them that they matter to the world…that they are good enough to leave a positive legacy in their communities. That if everyone pitches in, together, we can accomplish great good.

Education is good. Using it to be a positive influence in the world…now that’s great!


The buzz is out!!!! This is one of the most exiting things to do before High School is over!!! It’s a chance to make a difference in the world right now. How would it feel if by the time you graduated High School, you had been a part of a team that provided clean water to a village…or prevented 5 mothers from dying during child birth?

Here is how it works:

High school students will register with their counselors in school and then will participate in the program under the supervision of the counselor. It will be a 3 month program divided into four parts:

Orientation – Project Selection – Planning – Implementation – Impact Assessment


This is where the student is introduced to other students that will be in the group and the group (a) gets to know one another and inspire each other (b) the group is introduced to different poverty stricken areas of the world and the known efforts to reduce the impact of extreme poverty in that area. The student is also in discussions on (i) how to make a difference by wasting less and (ii) how to develop a community project that they can implement even in their own communities in the future.

Project Selection:

After orientation, the students now select a project that THEY want to pursue based on its ability to havesustainable impact, and provide community empowerment.


During this stage, students will plan the project from design to implementation. They will be taught basic project management skills and teamwork. All the information and support material needed is provided by Barnabian’s Cove. There will always be a Barnabian’s Cove representative available to answer questions.


During this stage, Barnabian’s Cove works to make the student’s dream a reality. We will utilize our resources to implement the project in partnership with the students.

Impact Assessment:

This is the stage where the students get to see the project materialize and see the legacy they have been a part of. They will be shown how their efforts as a team positively impacted the lives of others. This will also be a time of reflection for the students where they talk and write about how the project impacted THEIR lives.

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